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PubMan™ XML Content Management System

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Your Requirements . . .

Nearly all business or research projects produce a single deliverable: information. To be successful they must find the most effective means to gather, manage, analyze, enrich, and distribute it. IDM exists to help its clients meet this challenge.

Regardless of your market niche we will give you brilliant, flexible, timely tools and processes to improve your end results, decrease your response times, and allow you to deliver your information via any medium.

We emphasize leveraging technology, and can provide infrastructure, service, and support so your team can concentrate on their primary focus, free of distraction from IT demands.

Our Innovations.

IDM’s development team has been employed by clients in a variety of sectors to create, deploy, and manage complex custom applications, many with a global audience:

  • Publishing
  • Market Research
  • Academic Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Finance

An extremely bright technical staff in full mastery of today’s advanced development platforms, technologies, and cloud deployment strategies, combined with excellent project management and relationship skills means our clients can think ambitiously with regards to their requirements and timetables.

We make the seemingly impossible, possible. Contact us with your technical dream and have it made into reality.


IDM originated in France in 1994 to provide software development services to electronic information users and suppliers. In addition to the French office it now has satellite offices in Denmark, the UK, and the US. IDM USA was established in 2008 via an acquisition of, a company providing structured information development, content management, and publishing solutions that was established in 1998.

While maintaining its strong position in content management and publishing solutions with the IDM Digital Publishing System (DPS), the company has continued to grow in the custom software development sector. Our development teams work in a flexible fashion, collaborating on product development and large scale client projects, or working locally on projects endemic to their offices when that is appropriate.